Terms of business

El Domicilio
  1. Correctness of the transmitted data

You assure that all declarations you transmit to EL DOMICILIO are truthful!


  1. Careful associate with your lodgings

Live in the rental lodging like your own property. Be careful with the lodging, clean the rented property and their stock. Avoid disputes with neighbours, on noise pollution.

The cleaning of the kitchen furniture, the dishes and set of instruments is the business of tenant, it isn`t included in the final-cleaning. If the tenant don`t clean that, we are authorized to invoicing the result costs on to you. We`ll deduct the necessary costs of the cleaning from the deposit.

You are responsible for all damages, which result during your stay in the rental house (except things like dishes). We receive in advance from you a deposit about 300,00 euros, which to be paid in cash on your arrival day. You`ll be returned on your departure, if there are no damages.


  1. Reservation and conclusion of a contract

The reservation will be written by application form. The contract will be obligatory between EL DOMICILIO and you. You are commit at our offer till our written promise or cancellation. The contract be signed by the written travel confirmation from EL DOMICILIO.

In this contract must be inform, how many person will be stay in the rental house. The basics of the contract are: the declaration, descriptions and the terms of the property advertisement, which are become effective on the day from your booking. Special wishes will be a part of the contract, only if they are written confirmed through EL DOMICILIO.


  1. Terms of Payment

When making a booking there is a deposit of 40 % .

When making a booking 4 or less weeks prior to your holiday we will require payment in full. When paying from countries, other than Spain, any costs incurred will be met by you, the tenant. A deposit, of 250,00 euros to be paid on the day of arrival and will be returned upon your departure if there are no breakages or damage to the rental property.

Terms of payment could change depending on the rental property. You will receive terms of payments with your contract.


  1. Cancellation by the tenant

If you are unable to take up residency of the rental property for any reason, on our agreed dates, you will still be charged in full. Also if you leave before the end of your rental period you are still liable for the full amount. NO refund will be given.

On cancellation the following refunds will be given:

  • Up to 28 days before arrival – 40 % deduct from the rental charge
  • Between 27 – 2 days before arrival – 70 % deduct from the rental charge
  • A cancellation later than 2 days of your rental period, there will be NO refund.

We recommend you a deal from a travel insurance.


  1. Contact services for the tenant

If you travel with a domestic animal, if it`s allowed, following things are forbidden:

  • domestic animal not allowed on the sofas, armchair,
  • domestic animal not allowed in the bed,
  • domestic animal not allowed in the swimming pool.


  1. Arrival and Departure

The rental property be available from 04:00 p.m. on the arrival day.

On the departure day the rental property must hand over clean to EL DOMICILIO at the latest at 10:00 a.m. EL DOMICILIO, will make a inspection of the rental property half an hour before your departure.


  1. Cancellation by the landlord

If a rental isn`t available, in case of unforeseen reasons (act of God, fire, storm, break-in or vandalism etc.), the deposit or the paid rental charge will be refunded.

You are NOT entitled to further damages.


  1. Liability

The owner and the administrator except NO liability for any personal injury or damage to any property of the tenants while staying in the rental property. Parents have full responsibility for their children and their actions.


  1. Confidential treatment of all served data

EL DOMICILIO sign, that they will treat all your transmitted data strictly confidential and wont give it to a third party.